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How to Keep Your Head Down! |

How to Keep Your Head Down! The Quickest and Simplest Golf Secret You’ll Ever Learn! By Jack Taylor


Would you like to finally stop hearing – “You Lifted Your Head!” or “Keep Your Head Down!”?

Would you like to hit shots that your friends can’t believe you hit?   Sound impossible?

Well it’s not…Inside this book #1 bestselling author and golf Coach Jack Taylor takes you on his personal search for a solution to the age old problem of lifting your head and controlling your posture.

You’ll see how he was finally able to create a simple system that has resulted in amazing improvements for all of his students…

Inside you’ll discover:

  • The Real Secret to Keeping Your Head Down

  • Learn how to Keep Your Head Down almost instantly – Using simple office supplies you probably have in your desk right now!

  • Instantly Improve Your Swing, Short Game and Putting

  • Why Keeping Your Head Down without understanding what you’re really trying to do can ruin your swing

  • How to turn your body properly (level) during the swing and practice it consistently

  • How this system automatically creates good posture and effortless golf swings

  • How to easily practice keeping your head completely still for lethal short game shots and deadly putting!

  • No matter what level of player you are, you’ll benefit by using this new system

The solutions you’ll discover inside “How to Keep Your Head Down” can be the key to finally unlocking your golf swing. If you haven’t already picked up a copy of Jack’s eBook at Amazon.com you can click on the image of the eBook above or here and that will take you to Amazon right away!

The Igides GPS (Golf Posture System) you learned about in the eBook is still in development and will be available shortly but you can “pre-order” by signing up on the waiting list to the right. Orders will be filled on a first come first served basis and you’ll be notified by email when its available. Signing up does not obligate you to buy ;)